Skincare that starts with you!


Choosing the right skincare that works for you is like shopping for that perfect pair of jeans; tricky, overwhelming, and also soul-crushing when you can’t find one. Just like those hopeful pairs of denim that held so many expectations sitting at the back of the wardrobe, your empty tubes and jars are left on their own on the shelf after they fail to show the results. Let us tell you that time is over, as the era of custom skincare is here. Skincare that is made for you, and skincare that starts with you.

When something is created just for you, keeping your desires and concerns in mind, that is bound to be much more special to you than anything picked right off the shelf. Personalized things also make one feel special and loved, as the smallest things are taken care of. But customization specifically in skincare can be a daunting experience if you don’t have an expert to guide you through it. This is why revolutionary curated skincare by The Theory is all set to change the way you approach skincare.

If you have been a skincare hoarder for a long time, you probably follow one of these two methods to shop for it. One is dragging through the aisle of brands with several products laid out that mention fancy names and complicated ingredients and choosing what you think suits you the best. And the other is looking at someone’s skin, admiring how perfect it is and then asking them what they use and purchasing that with the hope it will cast the same magic on your skin too.

Skincare isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” practice. Every skin has its own struggles and concerns, and desires and goals. Listening to your skin speak is very important.

It is necessary to understand that not every product is meant to treat every skin concern and meet every goal. There is a big difference between a product that works and a product that works for you, and custom skincare aims for the latter.

You may be a skincare expert and know all about your skin, but among the many products, combinations, and ingredients available, it would be impossible even for you to find what is going to work the best for you, Apart from how convenient and beneficial custom skincare is for you, there are various other reasons why this holistic approach to skincare is better for conscious consumers.

To start off, there is no comprehensive skincare that works for everyone. Gone are the days when a standard skincare regimen was prescribed to everyone regardless of their skin issues or goals. A generic approach might lead to more problems than solutions whereas a custom skincare routine, curated with expertise delivers the right results. The potency and efficacy of the over-the-counter skincare do not make it through the cut, as they are not formulated keeping specific skin concerns and goals in mind.

Another reason why custom skincare is becoming so popular is the use of specific ingredients to aid skin issues and concerns. From anti-aging to anti-acne, people are becoming more and more aware of how potent active ingredients can completely change the way your skin reacts to the products, but what they don’t know are which ingredients solve what concerns. Personalized skincare understands what your skin is thirsting for, and builds formulations around that, with the right ingredients. The clinically proven actives heavily rely on science and thorough analysis, which gives your skin the extra attention that it deserves.

Your skin is an investment, so you ought to spend on it to ensure that it will listen to you in the long run. How many skincare products do you own? And how many of those do you use regularly? How many of those are certain to work well for you? Do the math, and we have a big number. Your cabinets are probably full of products that you never use because they were never meant for you. Your trial-and-error method of skin care can lead to hefty prices, without a guarantee of a positive end. On the other hand, personalized skincare is meant to solve your specific issues and achieve your respective goals with just the right products, and we aim at doing just that.

The Theory does all the hard work and helps you get rid of the guesswork. You are just 2 questions away from getting 1 solution that your skin will highly appreciate. Formulated by a team with 30+ years of experience in the industry, we at The Theory design products that are tailored as per your needs and goals.

Easy on the planet and easier on the skin, The Theory aims at providing a curated solution for all your skincare concerns. By going the custom way, you are ensuring that your skin is getting exactly what it needs, and nothing that it doesn’t.

At the end of the day, personalized skincare is the way to go, and The Theory makes it easier than ever.

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