The Story

It all started with a question...

A simple question of “What product should I use? ” followed us everywhere as people around us struggled to find the right solution to their unique skin concerns.

That’s when we decided to put our thinking hats on, with a motive to help people find the right solution to their skin problems.

For a successful practical experiment, one needs to understand the theory. Therefore, we have imbibed the theory and blended it in the laboratory with passion.

We have worked hard to make it easy for you, so let’s enter a world where no hypotheses are made, where everything is backed by science and expertise.


serums moisturizers

Welcome to The Theory!

Formulated by a team with an experience of 10+ years in beauty and skincare, we have come up with a unique concept seen for the FIRST TIME IN INDIA.

We wanted to design a habit for you that would be effortless and uncomplicated  to follow. We understand your needs and curate the products that ensure you don’t need to use multiple products, but just one that can cater to your multiple needs.

Easy on the planet and loaded with meaningful ingredients, used at clinically proven dosages, and sourced from different regions of the world, our products are worth your investment and trust.

This is our theory of providing a curated skincare solution with a blend of passion and science! Join us to see what magic the two can bring to your skincare game.